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MisDiagnosed and and MisTreated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most of us have heard the phrase Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but not all of us know what it is. Simply put it is a numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness in your wrist or fingers or both. Most often it is accompanied by a lack of strength as well.

So what is causing it? Well let’s start with some background knowledge. You have a big nerve that runs down the middle of your forearm called the Median nerve. Inside your wrist there are several little bones (like the size of pebbles) that are nestled around this Median nerve. Together with the other long bones of your arm they make a circular space where the Median nerve travels through called “The Carpal Tunnel”.

When the carpal bones get out of their normal alignment irritation can occur to the median nerve.  This is the most common CAUSE of carpal tunnel syndrome but in a great many instances it is completely MISTREATED! Fusing bones and cutting tendons through surgery seem to be the common go to fix. Unfortunately It has a whopping 50% success rate at relieving the pain after the first surgery. 85% of those people who felt relief in that first surgery end up getting the pain coming back.

The most effective solution is to give a Chiropractic Adjustment to the carpal bones in the wrist. It seems so simple right? In my own clinical experience adjusting the carpals helps 80-90% of the time. No surgery. No time off work to “recover”. Chiropractors who work on extremities receive special training on this type of adjustment.

Other possible causes of carpal tunnel pain can stem from pronator teres syndome where a muscle can compress the median nerve at the elbow. You can even have subluxations (misalignments) in your shoulders, your clavicle,  or  even the bones of your neck called vertebrae. In all of these instances a trained Chiropractor can address and treat the issue.


At Dr. Karl Chiropractic, We can find out the true cause of your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and possibly help you avoid unneeded surgery. If you would like to get a Carpal Tunnel assessment please give me a call at


Thank you

Dr Jacob H Karl D.C.





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Water the Superfood!

Here is one of the best Superfoods I know of. Water!
2/3 of adults and 3/4 of kids in the US don’t get enough water. Not having enough makes you tired, achy, congested, promotes headaches, slow lymph, and foggy thinking. If your local municipal water is full of unwanted contaminates get a filter. I would suggest a good Reverse Osmosis filter to get all the bad stuff out or buy high capacity jugs of spring water. The rule of thumb is half your body weight in oz. Don’t drink it all at once. Spread it out through the day. Your body will thank you.
Bonus: Keep up your good electrolytes by using some good quality Celtic salt instead of white table salt. Minerals and water go hand in hand.

Eat Happy Not Crappy Part 2- Ranch Sauce !

Ranch Sauce!

Seldom have I ever heard anybody talk about ranch sauce and give a sour face. Most people love ranch  and I am no exception. I put it on salads, chicken, sweet potato fries,  you name it. I love the flavor, I love the creaminess, and how it just has this ability to take the flavors of everything it touches and make it taste delicious.

Now have you ever looked at the ingredients label on a bottle of ranch sauce. It’s not too comforting. The rule of 5 ingredients or less is definitely out the door. Here is a link to a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Classic content/uploads/2015/10/hvr_orig_nutrients_ranch.jpg
The very first ingredient is a vegetable oil blend (which at first sounds healthy but guess what it’s not!). This vegetable oil blend is a combination of soybean oil and canola oil. Both of which are not good for you. Soybean oil especially because it contains xenoestrogens which have been shown to throw of your base hormones. Some other unhealthy ingredients found in this ranch are natural flavors, modified food starch, monosodium glutamate, artificial flavors, extra sugar, and many other preservatives.

Now if you made your own you probably wouldn’t include those previous mentioned bad ingredients.  I have 2 different healthy recipes alternatives that are very easy to make.

Dr Jake’s Homemade Ranch Sauce


Avocado Mayonnaise or Butter milk
Organic Sour cream
Organic Lemon Juice
Garlic Powder
Celtic Sea Salt
Parsley Flakes

1) Making this is easy. Add 1/4 cup of mayo, 1/4 cup of sour cream, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of garlic powder, 1 tsp of pepper, 2 tsp of Celtic salt, and 2 tbsp of parsley flakes to a bowl and mix them together with a fork.
*If you like a thinner ranch add more Butter Milk or Mayo. If you like it thicker add more sour cream.
*Play around with the recipe to make it more towards the ranch you love. You can add peppercorns, more or less garlic, BBQ sauce, Parmesan cheese, etc…

Dr Jake’s Homemade Vegan Ranch

Replace the previous ingredients with soy free or grape seed oil Veganaise mayo and Cashew Sour Cream. The seasonings and the steps are the same. If you have never made cashew sour cream here’s how.

Cashew Sour Cream


RAW Cashews
Clean Water
Celtic Salt
Organic Lemon Juice
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1). Put a bag of RAW cashews in a bowl and cover with clean water. Let this soak for at least 2 hours. I prefer 24 hours as this makes  creamier and less gritty version sour cream.
2) After it is done soaking drain the water it sat in.
3) Add the following ingredients to a blender: 2 cups of the water soaked cashews, 1 cup of new clean water, 2 tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp of organic lemon juice, and 1 tbsp of Celtic salt.
4) Blend this until it is very smooth. If you let it sit in the fridge and cool it will thicken more.


Eat Happy Not Crappy Part 1


If you’re like me you love coffee. For a long time I was a sucker for frappuccinos or mochas from Star Bucks. Hot or cold I loved them. After a while they started giving me headaches when I would drink them so I decided to look at the ingredients. I won’t go into to much detail but if you want to look for yourself here is a link to a Star Bucks vanilla frappuccino.
Some things that stand out are artificial flavors, natural flavors, caramel color, carrageenan, and oh yeah 48 grams of sugar in the smallest size a tall. The largest size, a venti, has 88 grams of sugar.  Wow! It also has a decent amount of milk. I’m not lactose intolerant but I try to stay away from milk because it does make me congested. All together these are not healthy ingredients and that amount of sugar equals nothing but a bigger waist size, a depressed immune system, and diabetes knocking on your door.

Since then I have started making my own mochas and frapps. As a nutritionist I look for ingredients that aren’t shown to cause health issues and actually give you health benefits.

So here is my recipe for Dr Jake’s Homemade Mocha.
17 grams of sugar and 133 calories if you count them. I don’t 🙂

Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water (clean water is a must)
Organic Coffee (surprisingly has lots of anti oxidants)
Raw Honey (helps with future seasonal allergies)
Cinnamon  (helps regulate blood sugar)
Organic Raw Cacao Power (high in magnesium)
Organic Coconut Milk (good MCFAs like Lauric Acid, )
ice (optional)

1. Always grind your coffee that day or within 3 days of use. This limits the oxidation of the oils in coffee beans (Oxidated oils are not good for you).

2. Put 1 tbsp of cacao, 1 tsp of cinnamon, and 1 tbsp of raw honey  in a mug and let the coffee drip brew into it using filtered water (this is my RO Filter under my sink).

3a.  At this point you can add in 1-2 tbsp of coconut milk if you’re making a hot mocha.
3b. If you want to make it more like a Frappuchino hold off on the coconut milk. First blend  the coffee mix together with a cup of ice. Then stir in the coconut milk. This makes for a better consistency.


*bonus: I save my coffee grounds and add them to the soil for a natural fertilizer

Health Click Bait

Beware of click bait (one teaspoon will do this instantly, this is the most powerful…etc).
Health is a combination of many different things. What you eat and drink, the air you breath, your brain body connection, your movement, your casual thoughts and your reactive thoughts plus so much more.
No one thing can satisfy them all but together in harmony can do wonders. Always remember to think critically after you read something.

SP Purification Days 15- 21 and after

I have to apologize for lateness of this final SP Purification post. One of the key things I used to show pre and post results was the FIt 3D Scan. As I went to use it the day after Day 21 we ran into a software issue. It was fixed in a few days but then came Thanksgiving and my mind was focused on many other things. Alas I am here to tell about my Wins. Yes my wins.

First let me say the last half of the cleanse aside from Day 21 is fairly easy in my opinion. You are allowed to have small portions of clean meat, you have begone to establish good eating habits, and cravings for things like coffee and sugar are a small fraction of what they once were. But then comes Day 21. Those last few hours before you are allowed to eat “other foods” can be trying. Like before your mind try’s to justify why it wouldn’t be all that bad. I did my best and with the support of my wife I stuck it out.

I finished my cleanse 3 days before Thanksgiving. Like many people I gathered with friends the night before at one of my favorite pubs and have a few celebratory drinks. I am a huge fan of dark Stout beer and they have around 700 kinds of beer from around the world. Now here is why I am telling you this. Most of the time I might have a dull headache and feel very groggy after such a night. The next morning I felt great though. I can only theorize that going through the cleanse helped “uncongest” my liver and the lack of toxins in my body made it easier to process the alcohols. This is a huge plus and incentive for doing this program. If you have ever wondered if your body may be toxic just think about your college days. Think about the cheap foods and liquids you consumed during those years and many times in the years after.

Now I want to share some other subjective positives.
Energy: Even without drinking coffee I feel like I have more energy and I am able to be coherent in the morning faster after waking up.
Cravings: I had a huge decrease in cravings. I felt like I took back control of my appetite and taste buds.
Mood:  You can ask my wife. I’m not nearly as irritable (except when playing Halo Online ).
Appetite:  It was very noticeable how much less we needed to eat after the cleanse. My wife and I fill up much faster now.

Here are some of the objectives.
Starting Weight: 190lbs        Ending Weight: 179lbs      Total Loss: 11 lbs
Starting body fat: 21.4%      Ending Body fat: 20.4%    Total Loss: 1%
This translates to a total loss of  4.14 lbs of pure body fat. This right here tells you that this isn’t one of the sham cleanses that just causes you to use the bathroom more.

volleyball nets


Pre Measurements

Height: 68                   Neck: 16.08   Chest: 43.01
Weight: 190                Waist: 39.3     Hips: 43.52
Biceps (R) : 14.63      Biceps (L): 15.03
WHR: 0.9
Forearm (R): 11.99   Forearm (L): 12.17
Thigh (R) 25.81          Thigh (L): 25.62

Post Measurements

Height: 68                   Neck: 15.72   Chest: 42.94
Weight: 179                Waist: 37.79     Hips: 41.85
Biceps (R) : 14.29      Biceps (L): 14.45
WHR: 0.9
Forearm (R): 11.76  Forearm (L): 11.75
Thigh (R) 25.3         Thigh (L): 24.71


Height n/a Neck -0.36 Chest -0.07
Weight -11 Waist -1.51 Hips -1.67
Waist Circ. -1.51 Biceps (R) -0.34 Biceps (L) -0.58
WHR Forearm (R) -0.23 Forearm (L) -0.42
Thigh (R) -0.51 Thigh (L) -0.91
Calf (R) -0.2 Calf (L) -0.17

The numbers here along with my pre/post subjective speaks volumes of what changing your diet can do for you. I feel better, more energy, and less dependent on chemicals like caffeine. I look better too. I lost weight and decreased overall inflammation.

The reason I did these posts is to show how non athlete regular person like myself can better my health and lose weight without crazy diets or surgery. The diet in this includes unlimited fruits and veges with some meat. That doesn’t seem to me. Just to top it off it only took 3 weeks/21 days. Now I’m not planning on pigging out on junk food now. I plan on working out more and eating clean to continue my journey towards health.

Thank you for following me on my cleanse. If you are interested in doing something like this I advise you do it under the care and supervision of a Wellness Doctor who can monitor and advise you along the way. If you want more info please give me a call at 248-809-4380. I am accepting new patients at my Southfield office and I want to help you on your journey to a healthier happier life.

Sp Purification Days 11-14

Days 11-14

These last 10 days have felt like an eternity. At no point ever do I go this long without eating meat. Even with cheating slightly in between it is still very difficult for me. For my first meat back on Day 11 I made tortilla less chicken fajitas. It was some of the best tasting chicken I ever had. In part to my cooking skills 🙂 but more so because it had been so long. I am a huge steak fan but that is a little heavy to throw at your stomach right off the bat. The next day I some grass fed hamburger and on Day 13 I had grass fed steak. My body was very happy to get these back.

Now this isn’t to say that good organic grass fed or free range meats are not healthy for you. It is when you are facilitating heavier deeper detoxification from your body you need to emphasize other things like fruits and vegetables as these have phytochemicals and other properties that work with you kidneys, liver, and GI. I often get asked why you cannot eat raw nuts, hummus, free range eggs, raw cheeses, etc… These are good foods with nutritional value but they are not conducive to cleansing/detoxing as you do on this program.

I’ve been keeping up with my exercise and going every other day. When I go I just do 30 minutes on an elliptical and get my heart rate up to 140-150 BPM. Like I said before this is great for keeping lymphatics moving and getting the waste out of your system.

(Weight update: As of Day 11 I weighed in at 183.5 LBS. 6.5 LBS less than when I started)

SP Purification Days 8-10

Days 8-10
As I get farther into the cleanse the days are becoming more and more routine with less “healing reactions”. No more headaches or excessive draining. My energy is up and my mind is clear. In the morning I have a shake. For lunch I have either a shake or cook up some vegetables.

There are however 2 big difference starting with day 8 for me. Today I switch from using the Sp Cleanse Supplement to the SP Green supplement. The cleanse supplement helps induce more phase 1 and 2 detoxification while the Sp Greens helps support liver function.

The second difference is I finally feel good and energized enough to work out. I went to my gym (Planet Fitness) and did an elliptical for 25 minutes and went 2.5 miles. It was enough to make me sweat and get my heart beating faster.  Prior to this I would go for 15-20 minute walks. I went Day 10 as well with the hope of doing this every other day. Exercise is important during a program like this as it helps move lymphatic fluid and further help the detoxification process.

SP Purification Days 5-7

Day 5
*From the beginning of the cleanse the frequency of urination goes up almost immediately. Day 5 started an increase in bowel movements. While 1-2 was average for me on the cleanse I am having 4-5 bowel movements. This is all perfectly normal and apart of the whole cleansing/detoxifying process. As toxins come out of fats and other areas they are conjugated to make them water soluble. This allows for safe elimination.

Today the sinus draining continues and has developed into a small cough.  While that I can handle okay cravings have started hitting me hard. All of my favorite foods were flowing through my mind and vegetables and fruits were not apart of it. This is a rough spot on this program because now your mind starts justifying why it would be okay to cheat just a little bit. Just imagine the little devil and angel versions of yourself on your shoulders. One is telling you to be strong while the other says give into temptation. Fortunately today I listened to the angel and I did not falter. Instead I made some guacamole and salsa and ate them with sweet potato chips which satisfied my cravings.

The rest of the day I had my shakes as per usual and for dinner my wife and I made spaghetti squash with cubed sweet potato. Here is the recipe.
Ingredients: Spaghetti squash, organic tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, and sweet potato, avocado oil, seasonings,
1) Half the spaghetti squash. Sprinkle on Celtic salt and pepper. Add butter to the top and bake for 40 min at 375 degrees.
2) While that is baking saute onions and mushrooms. Once brown add tomato sauce and seasonings to taste and simmer.
3) The sweet potatoes are easy. Just cut up into cubes and saute till lightly browned in acocado oil.
4) After the squash is done use a fork to pull out the squash meat which will come out in strands like spaghetti.  Put on a plate and add sauce. Enjoy!

Day 6
Sinus drainage continues and I’m coughing more than yesterday. For breakfast we did our usual shake which is feeling more routine and easier to do. For lunch I wanted to shake it up a little bit so I took my wife to a vegan Indian buffet. It may not be organic but they do a good job at cleanse friendly foods with a lot of different spices and flavors. As we perused through the different foods I realized a bad thing. This was not a vegan buffet. They had both chicken and lamb.
Now if you don’t know this about me I am a huge meat eater. I am an O blood type and they are notorious for eating higher amounts of meat. So doing this cleanse/purification program is one of the biggest challenges for me.
Needless to say the overwhelming savory aromas were too much temptation for me and the little devil on my shoulder won. I cheated and ate meat. Does this mean I should stop the cleanse? Should I start over?  No. I fell of the wagon but like anything else you have to get back on. For dinner I had a shake.

Day 7
Drainage is starting to lessen and so to the coughing. For breakfast and dinner I had a shake. At lunch time my wife and I made butternut squash soup. Here’s how.
Ingredients: 1 butternut squash, onion, sweet potato, carrot, avocado oil, vegetable broth, coconut cream ,Celtic salt and pepper,
1) Like before halve the butternut squash and bake for 40 min at 375 degrees.
2) Saute cut up onions, sweet potato, and carrot in oil. After it is brown add a quart of vegetable broth and 3 tablespoons of coconut cream and let simmer.
3) When squash is done add the squash meat to the broth vege mix and blend. This has been one of our favorite meals.

SP Purification Days 2-3

Day 2
When you go through a process like this to remove toxins and junk from your body it isn’t easy. I tell my patients the beginning is the hardest. It is something new and you are trying to get used to it. There will be ups and downs and you won’t always feel very good. This is detoxing in a nutshell. Day 2 was a down for me. I started feeling foggy in the morning and by lunchtime I had a nagging headache. This headache persisted on throughout the day and into the night. No fun to say the least but actually a good sign the cleansing process is working.

I fought through it and kept on with the program. I had my shake with breakfast, a shake with lunch,  and a pear and an apple for snacks in between. Dinner was a treat since my lovely wife who is also doing this program with me made stuffed peppers that were cleanse worthy. Here is how she did it.

Ingredients: 3 bell peppers, 1 cup quinoa, 2 cups organic tomato sauce, 1/2 cup mushrooms, and 1 onion.

1). Cut the peppers and half and bake in the oven till soft.
2) boil quinoa till ready
3)saute mushrooms and onions for 3-4 minutes while heating the tomato sauce. Afterwards combine. ( we also added garlic, celtic salt, pepper, and basil to taste)
4)When quinoa is done combine it with sauce
5)scoops sauce/quinoa mix into halved bell peppers and enjoy!

Day 3
Today I woke up feeling so much better than Day 2. My headache was about 90% gone and that made me very happy. Another thing I noticed was I didn’t crave coffee as strongly this morning as I usually do. Breakfast consisted of the usual shake.

For lunch I tried making jack fruit pulled pork style after seeing it on a buzzfeed video. I thought if you could make a fruit taste like pulled pork then you have a golden idea. The recipe I used from the video called for sauteing the jack fruit and until you could pull it apart with a fork. Appearance wise I  would give it a 9/10 on the likeness to pulled pork. Taste and texture I would give it a 3/10. The texture of the jack fruit was obviously a fruit and not pork meat.  I might try some other variations to see if this can be improved.

Between lunch and dinner I had another shake with more greens to keep the fruit down.

For dinner we made crushed lentil soup. This is a fantastic dish that is very cleanse friendly and helps hit the spot when you’re missing hot foods. Just to kick it up a notch I like to add cayenne pepper.  Here is the recipe we used.
Ingredients: red lentils, 1 onion, 1/2 cup mushrooms, 1/2 cup sweet potato, 2 cups vegetable broth, avocado oil, lemon juice, garlic, celtic salt, cumin, turmeric,
1) Cook lentils until soft while sauteing  cut up onions, mushroom, and sweet potatoes.
2)Add vegetable broth and seasonings  to saute pan and simmer for 8 min.
3)Combine lentils and brothmixture in a blender and blend for 15-20 seconds.
4)Add lemon juice to taste!

By the end of the night my headache is completely gone. Now I am experiencing some heavy drainage from my sinuses. This is another symptom/sign of detoxifying from reducing inflammation in the body.
*Anytime you can reduce inflammation you put yourself more towards Health and Wellness. When you increase inflammation you put yourself closer to disease.