MisDiagnosed and and MisTreated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most of us have heard the phrase Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but not all of us know what it is. Simply put it is a numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness in your wrist or fingers or both. Most often it is accompanied by a lack of strength as well.

So what is causing it? Well let’s start with some background knowledge. You have a big nerve that runs down the middle of your forearm called the Median nerve. Inside your wrist there are several little bones (like the size of pebbles) that are nestled around this Median nerve. Together with the other long bones of your arm they make a circular space where the Median nerve travels through called “The Carpal Tunnel”.

When the carpal bones get out of their normal alignment irritation can occur to the median nerve.  This is the most common CAUSE of carpal tunnel syndrome but in a great many instances it is completely MISTREATED! Fusing bones and cutting tendons through surgery seem to be the common go to fix. Unfortunately It has a whopping 50% success rate at relieving the pain after the first surgery. 85% of those people who felt relief in that first surgery end up getting the pain coming back.

The most effective solution is to give a Chiropractic Adjustment to the carpal bones in the wrist. It seems so simple right? In my own clinical experience adjusting the carpals helps 80-90% of the time. No surgery. No time off work to “recover”. Chiropractors who work on extremities receive special training on this type of adjustment.

Other possible causes of carpal tunnel pain can stem from pronator teres syndome where a muscle can compress the median nerve at the elbow. You can even have subluxations (misalignments) in your shoulders, your clavicle,  or  even the bones of your neck called vertebrae. In all of these instances a trained Chiropractor can address and treat the issue.


At Dr. Karl Chiropractic, We can find out the true cause of your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and possibly help you avoid unneeded surgery. If you would like to get a Carpal Tunnel assessment please give me a call at


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