SP Purification Day 1

The Beginning 
Today I started my purification cleanse program. This means I cannot consume coffee, processed sugar, tea, dairy, wheat,grains, or legumes for next the next 21 days. My meals will consist of mostly shakes, unlimited fruits and vegetables, some quinoa, lentils, and brown rice. Starting day 11 I can add 3 oz of clean organic meat.  I will be taking specific whole food supplements every day that help increase phase 1 and 2 detoxification and the proper elimination of toxins. All of this is important so as to detoxify in a safe way.

*Even though I only drink one cup of coffee a day it is still difficult to give up. Because of this I gave up coffee the week before the cleanse to make things a little easier.

My breakfasts on the cleanse will be fruit and vegetable smoothies with SP complete powder. Today my smoothie contained kale, spinach, chard, kiwi, strawberries, mango, and banana. This is a good one for any smoothie rookie since it gets some good sweetness from the fruits.

* To make this easier I buy prepackaged frozen organic produce blends from Costco. The greens in my smoothie come from one called Power Greens in the open cooler section. The fruits come in a big plastic package in the Freezer area.


My Lunch is a smoothie similar to breakfast but with less fruits and added sweet potato.
*taking in sugars earlier in the day as opposed to later is better for you

How Will I Know it Works? 
In order to know how effective a cleanse can be you really have to experience it. Things like energy, cravings, mood, appetite, etc…. are subjective and not the easiest to quantify but most people feel benefits in those areas. There are some measurements that are more objective and easier to see such as weight, body fat%, and BMI.

My Subjective
I will try to give as much information on me now to compare to the me after 21 days.
Energy: I’ve noticed decreased energy lately in the last month. I usually have one cup of organic coffee in the morning but this last month I’ve been craving  an extra cup between 2-4 PM.  While I used to go to bed at 11pm I’ve been going closer to 10pm the last 2 weeks.
Cravings: Afternoon coffee, sweet and savory foods.
Mood: Irritability has been increased in the last 2-3 months.
Appetite: My appetite has gotten much bigger. Food portions that used to make me feel full no longer do the trick.

My Objective
Now here are some objective measurements.

: 190LBS      Body Fat: 21.4 %     BMI: 28.9

Using a Fit 3D Scanner at the Neurofitness Center where my office is I have current measurements all the parts of my body.  After 21 days I will take another set of measurements to see what changes have occurred.

Height: 68                   Neck: 16.08   Chest: 43.01
Weight: 190                Waist: 39.3     Hips: 43.52
Biceps (R) : 14.63      Biceps (L): 15.03
WHR: 0.9
Forearm (R): 11.99   Forearm (L): 12.17
Thigh (R) 25.81          Thigh (L): 25.62


Wish Me Luck!

Dr Jacob Karl D.C.


Taking out the Toxic Trash

Toxins !
We live in a world full of toxins. We get pesticides on our produce, antibiotics and unnatural hormones in our meat, fluoride and chlorine in our water, pollution in our air etc….. There are a bunch to say the least.

These toxins build up in the body and take there toll on our health. They can cause unwanted issues like trouble sleeping, mental fog, digestive disorders, and among other things trouble losing weight.
As someone who strives to be as healthy as possible even I am not immune getting these toxins. That is why I am going to start the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program this Monday.

The Standard Process Purification Program
The Purification Program uses a combination of vegetables and fruits which are full of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants along with whole food supplements to stimulate deep detoxification of fats, soft tissues, and the gastro intestinal tract of the different toxins mentioned above. Think of a car with old sludgy oil. If you don’t change that oil and clean out the sludge the engine has to work harder and breaks down faster. This is not far from the processes that go on in your body.

Purification Kit Products

My 21 Day Journey
Here in this blog I will talk about the types of foods I eat and shakes I make to give you an idea of how this work. Along with this you’ll hear about the different ups and downs I will most likely feel going through this. Getting toxins out of your body doesn’t always feel great while you’re doing it but return on investment of good health, higher energy, and better weight management is well worth it.