Sp Purification Days 11-14

Days 11-14

These last 10 days have felt like an eternity. At no point ever do I go this long without eating meat. Even with cheating slightly in between it is still very difficult for me. For my first meat back on Day 11 I made tortilla less chicken fajitas. It was some of the best tasting chicken I ever had. In part to my cooking skills 🙂 but more so because it had been so long. I am a huge steak fan but that is a little heavy to throw at your stomach right off the bat. The next day I some grass fed hamburger and on Day 13 I had grass fed steak. My body was very happy to get these back.

Now this isn’t to say that good organic grass fed or free range meats are not healthy for you. It is when you are facilitating heavier deeper detoxification from your body you need to emphasize other things like fruits and vegetables as these have phytochemicals and other properties that work with you kidneys, liver, and GI. I often get asked why you cannot eat raw nuts, hummus, free range eggs, raw cheeses, etc… These are good foods with nutritional value but they are not conducive to cleansing/detoxing as you do on this program.

I’ve been keeping up with my exercise and going every other day. When I go I just do 30 minutes on an elliptical and get my heart rate up to 140-150 BPM. Like I said before this is great for keeping lymphatics moving and getting the waste out of your system.

(Weight update: As of Day 11 I weighed in at 183.5 LBS. 6.5 LBS less than when I started)


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