SP Purification Days 15- 21 and after

I have to apologize for lateness of this final SP Purification post. One of the key things I used to show pre and post results was the FIt 3D Scan. As I went to use it the day after Day 21 we ran into a software issue. It was fixed in a few days but then came Thanksgiving and my mind was focused on many other things. Alas I am here to tell about my Wins. Yes my wins.

First let me say the last half of the cleanse aside from Day 21 is fairly easy in my opinion. You are allowed to have small portions of clean meat, you have begone to establish good eating habits, and cravings for things like coffee and sugar are a small fraction of what they once were. But then comes Day 21. Those last few hours before you are allowed to eat “other foods” can be trying. Like before your mind try’s to justify why it wouldn’t be all that bad. I did my best and with the support of my wife I stuck it out.

I finished my cleanse 3 days before Thanksgiving. Like many people I gathered with friends the night before at one of my favorite pubs and have a few celebratory drinks. I am a huge fan of dark Stout beer and they have around 700 kinds of beer from around the world. Now here is why I am telling you this. Most of the time I might have a dull headache and feel very groggy after such a night. The next morning I felt great though. I can only theorize that going through the cleanse helped “uncongest” my liver and the lack of toxins in my body made it easier to process the alcohols. This is a huge plus and incentive for doing this program. If you have ever wondered if your body may be toxic just think about your college days. Think about the cheap foods and liquids you consumed during those years and many times in the years after.

Now I want to share some other subjective positives.
Energy: Even without drinking coffee I feel like I have more energy and I am able to be coherent in the morning faster after waking up.
Cravings: I had a huge decrease in cravings. I felt like I took back control of my appetite and taste buds.
Mood:  You can ask my wife. I’m not nearly as irritable (except when playing Halo Online ).
Appetite:  It was very noticeable how much less we needed to eat after the cleanse. My wife and I fill up much faster now.

Here are some of the objectives.
Starting Weight: 190lbs        Ending Weight: 179lbs      Total Loss: 11 lbs
Starting body fat: 21.4%      Ending Body fat: 20.4%    Total Loss: 1%
This translates to a total loss of  4.14 lbs of pure body fat. This right here tells you that this isn’t one of the sham cleanses that just causes you to use the bathroom more.


Pre Measurements

Height: 68                   Neck: 16.08   Chest: 43.01
Weight: 190                Waist: 39.3     Hips: 43.52
Biceps (R) : 14.63      Biceps (L): 15.03
WHR: 0.9
Forearm (R): 11.99   Forearm (L): 12.17
Thigh (R) 25.81          Thigh (L): 25.62

Post Measurements

Height: 68                   Neck: 15.72   Chest: 42.94
Weight: 179                Waist: 37.79     Hips: 41.85
Biceps (R) : 14.29      Biceps (L): 14.45
WHR: 0.9
Forearm (R): 11.76  Forearm (L): 11.75
Thigh (R) 25.3         Thigh (L): 24.71


Height n/a Neck -0.36 Chest -0.07
Weight -11 Waist -1.51 Hips -1.67
Waist Circ. -1.51 Biceps (R) -0.34 Biceps (L) -0.58
WHR Forearm (R) -0.23 Forearm (L) -0.42
Thigh (R) -0.51 Thigh (L) -0.91
Calf (R) -0.2 Calf (L) -0.17

The numbers here along with my pre/post subjective speaks volumes of what changing your diet can do for you. I feel better, more energy, and less dependent on chemicals like caffeine. I look better too. I lost weight and decreased overall inflammation.

The reason I did these posts is to show how non athlete regular person like myself can better my health and lose weight without crazy diets or surgery. The diet in this includes unlimited fruits and veges with some meat. That doesn’t seem to me. Just to top it off it only took 3 weeks/21 days. Now I’m not planning on pigging out on junk food now. I plan on working out more and eating clean to continue my journey towards health.

Thank you for following me on my cleanse. If you are interested in doing something like this I advise you do it under the care and supervision of a Wellness Doctor who can monitor and advise you along the way. If you want more info please give me a call at 248-809-4380. I am accepting new patients at my Southfield office and I want to help you on your journey to a healthier happier life.

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