How it Works

Our first concern is to address any of the various nerve inferences or what we as Chiropractors call subluxations in the body. This is the done through the Chiropractic Adjustment.

The CHIROPRACTIC adjustment aligns the spine and other joints to relieve the nerve interference from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain. It allows your muscles to relax, blood flow with nutrition and oxygen to increase, and nerve communication to run unimpeded.

We use a wide range of techniques from manual adjusting, Thompson, to Activator and Sacral Occipital technique for those who need a more gentle approach.

Due to modern diet and the stresses we face there are many different nutritional deficiencies and toxicities in our lives. Functional Nutrition works through Applied Kinesiology and other testing to find out the different nutritional deficiencies toxicities that are special to your situation.

Applied Kinesiology works through your muscles. Your muscles rely on an interconnected web of processes working together in harmony to perform their best. When one of these processes isn’t receiving optimal support, it’s no longer able to extend that support to the muscle group that relies on it and minute impairments result.

The cause might be local, such as an injury or weakness in the muscle itself, of could be due to a deficiency elsewhere in the body, or even something wide-spread and systemic – like dehydration or malnutrition.

Once we are able to pinpoint areas where your body isn’t functioning at its best, we use this blend of Chiropractic, Functional Nutrition, and Detoxification programs and – where appropriate – referrals to specialists if they can best assist you on your journey to getting the most out of your health.