Today, it is common practice – almost an expectation – for us to do little for our health until something goes wrong with it. We wait until some pain or other dysfunction arises and only then go to see a health care provider, who will generally patch over the problem – treating only the symptoms before sending you on your way.

In our practice, we want to help you get to the root of the problem so that we can be your partners in helping you forge a healthier life to ease your suffering now and well into the future.

Whether it’s from repetitive stresses or a single traumatic event, there is often something out of balance or misaligned in the individual’s body what we call a SUBLUXATION. Often this issue causes great pain, discomfort, or impaired movement. Our first concern is to relieve this blockage or Subluxation. This is often done through what’s called a CHIROPRACTIC Adjustment to the Spine and other joints of the body.

We don’t want to just fix the pain once, only to have it arise again, we want to give you the tools to keep it from coming back and prevent others from developing in the first place! That’s why we combine CHIROPRACTIC therapy with functional nutrition, detoxification and Applied Kinesiology in our services. Together, these four practices build you up to create lasting relief and comfort.

Functional Nutrition

Food is the foundation of your health and wellness.

Everything in your body had to come from your food at some point. It’s no surprise that so many health problems can trace their origins back to gaps in nutrition. Without all the building blocks your body needs to make you function at your best, you’ll be like a car with too little oil – still functional, but having trouble with normal operating.

Our functional nutrition approach evaluates your needs for optimal living and seeks the right balance to keep you at your best.


Just as the things we ingest can help build us up, they can also tear us down.

It’s all too easy to allow toxins from our modern eating habits to build up in our system and slow us down, disrupt our health, and even cause severe, chronic diseases. Even the toxins from the air we breath while in a busy city can linger in our bodies long after we’ve moved on to a healthier place.

Before forging a healthier life for ourselves, we can gain a significant boost in our lives simply by clearing out the harmful particles currently floating around in our systems.

Applied Kinesiology

A rapidly-growing practice in the health care profession, Applied Kinesiology is a powerful tool in assessing the health of your body by monitoring and measuring the ability of your muscles to resist pressure. The functioning of your muscles can speak volumes about the health of all the systems connected to it including blood flow, tissues, and linked organs.

A skilled and knowledgeable professional in Applied Kinesiology can use this information to evaluate the underlying function of your body and create a health plan that will keep you in your best form.

These three bodies of study are combined with CHIROPRACTIC therapy to help you along on your journey toward optimal health and balance.